Sports Racks And Luggage Parts

Trident 750/900

Sports Rack For Trident, Daytona, Speed Triple, Sprint and Trophy (single headlight model)
( L039 )

Black coated tubular sports rack to fit models that originally have a single grab rail. Perfect as a sports rack, but not strong enough to take a loaded top box.

Fits:750/900/1000/1200 Daytona, 

750/900 Speed Triple

900 Trident Sprint single grab handle (model up to VIN 16921)

750/900 Trident (up to VIN 55071),

900/1200 Trophy single headlamp (up to VIN 29155), 


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Givi/Kappa fitting kit Trident, Trophy and Sprint.
( L327 )


Specific bracket set for fitting Givi Wingrack to all twin headlamp 900/1200 Trophy, 750/900 Trident  (after VIN 55072) and 900 Sprint all models must be the type with twin passenger grab handles. Not Sprint Sport, unless silencers are lowered slightly.

This kit can be fitted to Sprint Sport models if the exhaust lowering kit product code EX484 is fitted.

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