Chains, Sprockets, Cush Drive Rubbers

Trophy 900/1200

Cush Drive Rubbers Trident, Trophy, Thunderbird 900
( CS110 )

Set of x 5 cush rubbers. Replaces  Triumph 2012200-T0301, 2012210-T0301 and T2012211. This new replacement will fit both cast and spoked wheel models listed below.

Fits: Adventurer, America, 750/900/1000/1200 Daytona, Legend TT, 750/900 Speed Triple, Sprint 900, Sprint Executive, Sprint Sport, Thunderbird 900, Thunderbird Sport, Tiger 900 (carburettor models), Tiger 900i, Tiger 955 (up to VIN 198874) and 900/1200 Trophy. 



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Chain Rubbing Strip/Chain Slider Trident, Trophy, Daytona 2056920-T0301
( CS119 )

Replacement swinging arm chain protector/slider. Replaces Triumph part  2056920-T0301

Fits:Daytona 750/900/1000/1200, Super III, Speed Triple 900, Sprint 900, Sprint Executive, Sprint Sport, Trident 750/900, Trophy 900/1200


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Gearbox sprockets 900/1200/955/1050 (530)
( CS141 )

Gearbox sprockets available in 17, 18 or 19 teeth for all carburettor 3/4 cylinder models, all 955 and all 1050 models. Smaller than standand gives improved acceleration at the expense of fuel consumption and on some models increased chain guide wear. Larger than standard engine sprockets lose out slightly on acceleration but have a more relaxed feel in top gear.  Please state size when ordering. (530 chain size).

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Rear sprockets (530)
( CS143 )

Rear sprockets in 40, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 or 49 teeth to fit all carburettor 3 and 4 cylinder models as well as all wire wheel 955 Tiger models. Please state size when ordering. (530 chain size).

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DID Chain and Sprocket Kit (530)
( CS145 )

530 VX gold heavy duty X-ring DID chain with sprockets, tab washer and sprocket cover gasket if required. Please state model when ordering and if in doubt just let us know what sprocket sizes you would like. (530 chain size). Front/rear/chain length details given are for standard factory sizes. Other size choice no problem.  

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DID X-ring gold chain 530
( CS155 )

Original equipment DID VX  X-ring gold chain 530 size (5/8 x 3/8). Fits all 750, 900 (3/4 cylinder),1000, 955, 1200 and 1050 models.

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Lock Nut Flanged Sprocket Carrier
( CS174 )

12 mm x 1.25 flanged lock nut to hold rear sprocket on to carrier. Price for x 1 nut

Fits, Adventurer, 750/9001000/1200 Daytona, Legend TT, Speed Triple 750/900, Sprint 900, Sprint Sport, Sprint Executive, Thunderbird 900, Thunderbird Sport, Trophy 900/1200, Tiger 900, Tiger 955.

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Tab Washer Gearbox Sprocket 2, 3 and 4 cylinder carburettor models, 955, 1050.
( CS176 )

Gearbox sprocket tab (locking) washer to fit all of the Bonneville range (carburettor and EFI), 955, 1050 and 3/4 cylinder carburettor models. Replaces Triumph T1180181


Fits 750/900 Trident, 900/1200 Trophy, 750/900/1000/1200 Daytona, Super III, 900 Tiger, 750/900 Speed Triple, 900 Sprint, Sprint Sport, Sprint Executive, Thunderbird 900, Thunderbird Sport, Legend, Adventurer, T595, 955 Daytona, T509, 955 Speed Triple, 955 Sprint ST, 955 Sprint RS, 955 Tiger, 1050 Tiger, Tiger Sport, 1050 Sprint ST, 1050 Sprint GT, 1050 Speed Triple, Bonneville 800/865, T100, Scrambler, America, Speedmaster, Thruxton and SE.

Tab Washer Gearbox Sprocket 3 and 4 cylinder carburettor models, 955, 1050.

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Chain Rivet Tool
( CS950 )

Replica DID chain rivet tool. This will push the rivet link together and neatly rivet the ends over. To separate an old chain or shorten a chain, grind the rivet ends one side of the link to be removed until the side plate is hit. Go slightly below the surface to be sure the rivetting is well ground away, then knock apart with a punch and hammer.

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