Triumph Handlebars And Risers

Triumph (all parts stocked)

955 Sprint ST and RS Handlebar riser blocks (priced per pair)
( H012 )

Anodized aluminium alloy riser blocks to raise 955 RS handlebars 33mm to ST level. Can also be used to raise ST 955 handlebars. Sold as a pair.

Sprint 955 ST from vin 139277 requires a longer front brake hose. Product code H016.

Fits 955 Sprint RS, Sprint 955 ST



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Adaptor block for fitting one piece handlebars
( H015 )

Removing the original handlebars and fitting this CNC machined block allows 7/8" tubular steel bars to be fitted.This block fits in place of the original handlebars used on Trident, Trophy, Daytona 900/1200 and Sprint 900 models. Cable lengths may need changing or rerouting if higher bars are fitted. The block is supplied with the fixing screws and handlebar clamps. Colour black (anodized finish).


750/900 Trident, 750/900/1000/1200 Daytona, Sprint 900, Sprint Sport, Sprint Executive, Trophy 900/1200

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Brake hose 25 mm longer than standard 955 ST
( H016 )

Longer front brake use to fit with handlebar riser blocks on Sprint 955 ST from vin 139277. Stainless steel crimped banjo ends with original type 90 degree bend from master cylinder. These includes two stainless steel banjo bolts and sealing wshers. Made in UK.

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Handlebars to fit Thunderbird Sport
( H087 )

Chrome plated handlebars for Thunderbird Sport , with 5mm threaded recessed ends to accept original bar end weights and holes for locating the switches. Bar diameter 7/8" (22 mm) Made in UK.

73 cm (28 3/4") wide, 40 cm (1 5/8") rise and 90 cm (3 1/2") pull back

Diameter at knurled sections approximately 22.35 mm. Inside knurls 71 mm. Outside knurls111 mm. 91 mm knurl centres.

Replaces Triumph  T2043481





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Handlebars to fit Thunderbird 900 and Legend
( H088 )

Chromed plated handlebars to same exact shape as the original 900 Thunderbird. They have 5mm threaded recessed ends to accept original  bar end weights and also location holes for handlebar switches. 7/8" (22 mm) diameter tubing. Made in UK

720 mm wide (28 "), 150 mm (6 ") rise and 210 mm (8") pull back.

Fit all Thunderbird 900 and will also fit the Triumph Legend TT  but the bars come back a little further than original bars fitted to the Legend. 

Replaces  Triumph T2044451 and T2043466


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Bar end weights to fit Daytona T595/955, 955 Speed Triple and Thruxton, black steel (priced per pair)
( H090 )

Gloss black coated steel bar end weighs (150 gram each) to replace original black aluminium alloy bar end weights. These are much heavier to change the natural vibration/frequency.  Sold as a pair. Will fit handlebars with tubular (not solid) section at the end to a depth of 52 mm with18 mm inside diameter required. Bar end weight is 25 mm outside diameter. 

Fits T509, T595, 955 Daytona up to vin 132513, 955 Speed Triple and Thruxton.

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Bar end weights to fit...
( H116 )

Black coated aluminium bar replacement weights. Sold as a pair.

Fit T509, T505, 955 Daytona (up to vin 132513), Thruxton.

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T509/955/1050 Speed Triple handlebars Replaces Triumph T2040731
( H156 )

Chrome 7/8 " (22 mm) handlebars manufactured in the UK to the original size & shape with drilled holes for locating switch gear and knurled grip areas for the bar clamps. 

Fits:  Speed Triple T509, 955 & 1050 Speed Triple up to VIN 333178.

735 mm (29 ") wide, 70 mm (2 3/4 ") rise and 115 mm (4 1/2") pull back.

Replaces Triumph T2040731




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Handlebar pivot pin T595 and early 955 Daytona.
( H159 )

Stainless steel pivot pin 6.5 mm diameter used on the first series handlebars on T595 and 955i Daytona models. Please check pin size as these were supplied in 5 mm or 6.5 mm. We no longer have the 5 mm pins.

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Handlebar R/h T595/955 Daytona
( H160 )

Replacement bar  for all T595 and 955 Daytona up to approximately 1999 with multipiece clip-on design.

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Adjustable handlebars 43 mm forks for 900 Speed Triple with 35mm or 70mm rise.
( H269 )

Suitable for 750/900 Speed Triple models (Providing there is fairing clearance, the 70 mm version can also be fitted to other 43mm fork models. The 900 and 1200 Daytona have approximately 35 mm rise on the original Triumph handlebars) these adjustable bars have an anodised aluminium finish with black bar end weights.


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Adjustable clip on handlebar with 70mm riser for 45mm fork size
( H270 )

Fully adjustable clip on handlebar set with 70 mm rise, ideal for adapting to 2000 on 955 Daytona models which have the one piece construction clip on handlebars. Original handlebars have 35 mm rise as standard. These fully adjustable clip on handlebars give an extra 35 mm rise to reduce weight on wrists.



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Clip-on Habndlebars 41 mm
( H275 )

41 mm 'old school' welded steel clip-on handlebars for cafe racer conversions on the Bonneville, T100 and Thruxton. Available black or chrome finish. No location holes for the standard switchgear have been drilled. Sold as a pair.

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Handlebar riser blocks, 20mm for Trident, Sprint and early Trophy (priced per pair)
( H619 )

Black anodized spacer blocks to go between the top fork yoke and the handlebars. Although the fork tubes have to be allowed to rise to locate securely the handlebars now in the higher position, this much improves the riding position taking weight off of the wrists and forearms.

Fits all 750/900 Trident, Trident Sprint, Sprint 900 and Sprint Sport. Will also fit 900/1200 Trophy up to vin 29155.

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Handlebar end weight stainless steel. Trident, Trophy, Sprint 900
( H691 )

Replacement stainless steel handlebar end weight and fixing screw to fit 750/900 Trident, 750/900 Speed Triple, 900/1200 Daytona, 900/1200 Trophy, 900 sprint and Sprint Sport.

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Handlebar End Tiger 900 (Aluminium Alloy)
( H692 )

Original type anodised aluminum alloy handlebar end fitted to Tiger 900 (carburettor models) 1993 - 1998. Same size and shape as stainless steel handlebar end, product code H691. Supplied with stainless steel fixing screw.

Can also be fitted to 750, 900, 1000, 1200 Daytona, 750/900 Speed Triple, 750/900 Trident and 900/1200 Trophy. This is lighter than the standard stainless steel handlebar end used on these models.


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