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Triumph Exhaust

Triumph (all parts stocked)

Thunderbird 900 silencers off road.
( EX023 )

Silencers to fit Thunderbird 900, Legend and Adventurer. Fitted with removable baffles. These are not road legal and do not make the same type of noise as a 3:1 system. The original arrangement of two exhaust pipes exiting to the right and a single pipe exiting to left gives a unique slightly unbalanced sound especially to the driver. It's like the original fully silenced exhaust sound but much louder.

Picture on a Legend look at  http://www.triumphtorque.com/media/file/82747.aspx

Sold as a pair.




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3:1 exhaust for Thunderbird 900 Legend and Adventurer
( EX025 )

Stainless steel 3:1 header pipes with chrome silencer to fit Thunderbird 900, Legend TT and Adventurer.

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Chrome replacement silencers available for high or low level carburettor 3 and 4 cylinder models.
( EX074 )

Aftermarket replacement chrome silencers, supplied with brackets to fit Trident 750/900, Trophy 900/1200, Speed Triple 900, Daytona 750/900/1000/1200, Sprint Executive and Sprint 900 models. Sold as a pair. Please state model and vin number when ordering. Supplied as a pair.



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Stainless steel cans with connectors (road legal, priced per pair)
( EX077 )

Road legal stainless steel silencers with removable baffles. No need to rejet (Unless baffles are removed). 

Fits Daytona 900/1200 and Speed Triple 750/900. 

If no centre stop is required these can also be fitted to Daytona 750/1000, Trophy 900/1200 up to VIN 4901 and Trident 750/900 up to VIN 4901

more pictures see http://www.triumphtorque.com/media/file/70429.aspx

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3:1 stainless steel exhaust system
( EX078 )

3:1 stainless steel system complete with Viper alloy sleeved and stainless steel ended silencer fitted with a removable baffle. System does not have a centre stand stop. A centre stand can be used, but a return stop will have to made/fitted. Oil and filter changes can be completed without removing the exhaust.

750/900 Trident, 900 Trophy, 750/900 Speed Triple, 750/900 Daytona, 900/1200 Trophy <96 and 900 Thunderbird Sport 

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3:1 system with choice of oulet size 38, 45, 51 mm Trident, Speed Triple 900
( EX080 )

Stainless steel 3:1 down pipes with intermediate connector pipe. Available to  accept 45 mm or 51 mm for silencers. Available for all Tridents, Daytona 750/900, all Sprint 900 models (except Executive), Sprint Sport, Speed Triple 750/900 and all Trophy 900 up to vin 29154. Thunderbird 900, Legend and Adventurer. Also available to fit 1200 models to special order, just ask.

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Exhaust studs steel, all 3 cylinder models
( EX083 )

Set of 6 steel exhaust studs.  (M8 x 1.25 pitch thread both ends)  Approximately 38mm overall length. All  3 cylinder models.

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Exhaust studs steel, all 4 cylinder models
( EX084 )

Exhaust studs to fit all 4 cylinder models. Approximately 38mm overall length. Fits all 4 cylinder models.


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Exhaust port/header pipe copper gasket rings (round port, priced each)
( EX086 )

Round exhaust port gasket fits all  3 and 4 cylinder carburettor models as well as the 800/865 twins, 900 injection Tiger, T509 Speed Triple, TT600, Speed Four and Daytona 600/650.

750/900 Trident, 750/900 Speed Triple, 600/650/750/900/1000/1200 Daytona, 900/1200 Trophy, Thunderbird 900, Legend, Thunderbird Sport,  Adventurer, Tiger 900, Tiger 900 injection, T509 Speed Triple, TT600, Speed Four,

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Exhaust connectors for Tiger 900
( EX254 )

Stainless connectors for carburettor model Tiger 900 for fitting aftermarket 51mm bore silencers. Outlet size approx 51mm. (Priced per par)

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Exhaust connector 900/955 Tiger models
( EX299 )

Connector fits original exhaust front pipe of all injected 900 and 955 Tiger models to allow fitting of aftermarket 2" (51mm)  inlet silencer.

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Exhaust connector 955 Sprint RS
( EX300 )

Connector to allow fitting of 2" (51mm) inlet bore size aftermarket silencer.

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Tiger 900 silencers
( EX301 )

Replacement stainless steel road legal silencers to fit 900 Tiger (carburettor models) 1994-1998. Silencers are fitted with removable baffles. There are no heat shields fitted.

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Exhaust connector 955 Speed Triple.
( EX336 )

Fits clamp type fitting downpipes on 2002> 955 Speed Triple models to allow 2" (51mm) aftermarket silencer to be fitted. Original exhaust downpipe outlet should be 44/45mm.

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Tiger 1050 Exhaust connector
( EX355 )

Stainless steel polished connector for fitting after market exhaust can to 1050 Tiger models.  An oval shaped can makes fitting easier.

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Exhaust connector 800 Tiger
( EX356 )

Exhaust connector to fit race can to 800 Tiger models. Outlet size approximately 50.5mm.

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Exhaust lower kit for 900/1200 Daytona, 900 Speed Triple and Sprint Sport
( EX484 )

Silencer lower kit for 900/1200 Daytona, 900 Speed Triple and Sprint Sport. Normally used when luggage is fitted. The connector pipes can also be used for a reverse use to raise/kick up silencers.

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Exhaust studs steel. Bonneville range
( EX628 )

x 4 steel exhaust studs and flanged nuts.

Fit Bonneville 800/865, T100, Scrambler, America, Speedmaster, SE, Thruxton

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Exhaust Clamp 40-43 mm
( EX669 )

Stainless steel exhaust clamp with internal range from 40 to 43mm diameter.

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Exhaust Clamp 43-47 mm
( EX673 )

Stainless steel exhaust clamp with internal range from 43 to 47mm diameter.

Silencer clamp size for 955 Sprint ST and RS

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Exhaust Clamp 47-51 mm
( EX674 )

Stainless steel exhaust clamp with internal range from 47mm to 51mm diameter.

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Exhaust Clamp 51-55 mm
( EX675 )

Stainless steel exhaust clamp with internal range from 51 to 55mm diameter.

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Exhaust Connector
( EX677 )

Chrome connectors to raise the low level silencers on 750/900 Trident after VIN 4901 (black engine model), Trophy 93-95 (grey frame and engine model) and Sprint 900 to the higher level of the Sprint Sport and Speed Triple. The connector fits between the the downpipes and the silencer to kick them up to the new position. Speed Triple or Sprint Sport exhaust hangers will need to be fitting. Sold as a pair.

If exhaust clamps are required use product code EX669

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Exhaust Seal Silencer Entry 675/800/1050
( EX680 )

Gauze exhaust seal on entry to silencer.

Fits: Daytona 675 (up to VIN 564947),, Sprint ST 1050, Sprint GT, Tiger 800 (all models), Tiger 1050, Tiger Sport, 1050 Speed Triple, Speed Triple R, Speed Triple S, Tiger Explorer (all models), 1215 Trophy and 1215 Trophy SE.

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