Triumph Cooling System.

Triumph (all parts stocked)

Fan Switch Trident, Trophy, Daytona 900/1200
( CL330 )

Cooling fan switch and sealing washer. Early fan switch fits on left side of radiator. Switches on at 96 C and switchws off when temperature is down to 88 C.

Fits 750/900 Trident, 900/1200 Trophy,  750/900/1000/1200 Daytona, 750/900 Speed Triple, Sprint 900, Sprint Sport, Sprint Executive and Tiger 900 (carburettor).

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Expansion Tank Elbow
( CL344 )

Black plastic elbow to fit expansion tanks. Sealing problems on the radiator to expansions tanks can allow water expansion but no siphon back with loss of coolant in the radiator.

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Expansion tank pipe joiner
( CL345 )

Had to cut/shorten rubber pipe from radiator cap to expansion tank ? This joiner allows for cutting and joining.

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Water pump seals
( CL497 )

Seal set for when the water pump is disturbed. x 3 seals seals include the red cover seal, O-ring seal into engine and O-ring on outlet metal pipe. The internal shaft seals are not available.

Fis 750/900 Trident, 750/900/1000/1200 Daytona, 900/1200 Trophy, 900 Tiger, 750/900 Speed Triple, Sprint 900, Sprint Sport, Sprint Executive, Thunderbird 900, Thunderbird Sport, Legend and Adventurer.

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Water Pump Joint Seal
( CL499 )

Replacement red joint seal for when water pump is disturbed. O-ring where pump enters the engine and copper sealing washer under joint screw are also included (on some models).

Fits T595, T509, 955 Daytona, T509 Speed Triple, 955 Speed Triple, 1050 Speed Triple, 955 Sprint ST, 955 Sprint RS, 1050 Sprint ST, Sprint GT, Tiger 900 (EFI), Tiger 955, 1050 Tiger, Tiger Sport

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