Wheel Bearing And Seals

Speed Triple 1050

Front Wheel Bearings Trident, daytona, Trophy, 955 ST and RS
( BE072 )

x 2 Koyo bearings to fit

Front wheel on 750/900 Trident, 750/900/1000/1200 Daytona, Daytona T595, 955 Daytona (up to VIN 132512), 900/1200 Trophy, Sprint 900, Sprint Sport, Sprint Executive, Thunderbird 900, Legend, Adventurer, Thunderbird Sport, 750/900 Speed Triple, Speed Triple T509, 955 Speed Triple (up to VIN 141871), America (spoked wheel), America (cast wheel) 1050 Sprint ST, 1050 Sprint GT, 1050 Speed Triple (From VIN 210445 to VIN 461331, Tiger 1050 (From VIN 287504 to VIN 570058),

Rear wheel  on America (cast wheel)



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Sprocket Carrier Bearing Single sided Swinging Arm Models
( BE600 )

Japanese twin ball 55X35X20 NTN bearing and dust seal to fit sprocket carrier (cush drive) on single sided swinging arm models. NTN has been used as the original equipment bearing.

Fits Daytona T595, Speed Triple T509, Daytona 955 (single sided), Sprint ST 955/1050, Sprint GT, Sprint RS 955 (single sided), Speed Triple 955/1050 and 1050 Tiger and Tiger Sport.

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Rear Wheel Bearings/Seals Single Sided Swinging Arm Models
( BE601 )

Rear wheel bearings (rear axle eccentric adjuster bearings), double ball bearing and needle roller with x 2 separate seals.

Fits T595, T509, 955 Speed Triple, 955 Daytona, 955 Sprint ST,single sided swinging arm Sprint RS, 1050 Sprint ST up to VIN 388246 and 1050 Speed Triple up to vin 346969.

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Rear Wheel Bearings/Seals Single Sided Swinging Arm Models
( BE602 )

Rear wheel bearings (rear axle eccentric adjuster bearings), sealed needle roller and double ball bearing.

To fit 1050 Sprint ST from VIN 388247, 1050 Sprint GT and 1050 Speed Triple from vin 346969.

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Rear Axle Cover Set All Single Sided Swinging Arm Models.
( Z059 )

Spindle End Cover Kit for single sided swinging arm Triumphs (2 Covers).  These precision CNC machined aluminium covers are manufactured in the UK and black anodized finished.  The kit completely covers the spindle nuts and any clips so that the rear end is completely tidied up.  Right side is 87 mm diameter and left side 66 mm. Easily fitted / removed in minutes.


Daytona T595 & Daytona 955 (Single Sided Swinging Arm)

Speed Triple T509

Speed Triple 955

Speed Triple 1050

Speed Triple 1050R

Sprint RS 955 (Single Sided Swinging Arm)

Sprint ST 955

Sprint ST 1050

Sprint GT




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1050 Speed Triple R from VIN 735337 Left Side Axle Cover
( Z060 )

Left side axle cover for all single sided swinging arm models. Especially ideal for 1050 Speed Triple R from VIN: 735337 which are fitted as standard with a right side axle cover.  Available in black or silver (natural anodised) 

Fits: Daytona T595, Daytona 955, Sprint ST 955, Sprint RS (single sided swinging arm model), Sprint ST 1050, Sprint GT, 1050 Tiger Sport, T509, Speed Triple 955, Speed Triple 1050 and Speed Triple R.

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