Headlamp Adjusters And Wiring Harness

Avon Fairings (Screens normally in stock, but glass fibre parts are made to order so please allow up to 8 weeks delivery)

7 inch (180mm ) Adjuster
( A043 )

Headlamp adjuster and black bowl to accept 7" Lucas or 180mm Cibie head light unit.

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Chrome Rim
( A044 )

Chrome covering rim to fit over headlamp adjuster.

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180mm Light Unit
( A045 )

180mm light unit to fit in our 7 inch adjuster.( Uses12v 472 bulb 60/55w)  UK dip. Flat lens.

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5 3/4 inch (130mm) headlamp adjuster
( A069 )

130mm headlamp adjuster often used in pairs in fairings.

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Headlamp adjuster chrome rim 5 3/4 inch (130mm)
( A070 )

Chrome rim and 3 lamp retaining clips for 5 3/4 inch (130mm) light unit. Used in special build or where space is tight.

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Avon Headlamp Adjuster 3 Spring (Touring & AS/Clubman fairings)
( A086 )

Headlamp adjuster fitted to original Avon touring products, this model is for Lucas 7" headlamps. This acts as the front section of a headlamp shell with 3 spring adjusters on the rear. It fits into the fairing headlamp recess and the Lucas 7" chrome rim from the bike fits onto the front in the normal manner.  

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Avon Headlamp Adjuster 4 Spring (Sports)
( A087 )

4 Spring version of the headlamp adjuster used on original Avon AR sports fairings. This accepts the standard Lucas 7" chrome rim and light unit from the bike. Although we do not use this type of adjuster on our AR fairings, this was originally fitted to all original AR style fairings including the Velocette Thruxton and Royal Enfield 250cc GT Airflow.

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